Graphic Artist | Graphic Designer

Hello, my name is Rozalia Nagy. I am a freelancer. I invite you to look around my website and check out my latest works and projects.

I was born and raised in Budapest, capital of Hungary. After a year of vocational training in Graphic Design I started my Masters degree in Graphics at MKE, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. During the following years printmaking became my focus and so gained training and experience in relief printing techniques, as well as etching, screen-printing and lithography. While MKE provided a more traditional, classical training in art, within this degree I researched memes and internet phenomena. For the final art show presented a lithography installation featuring entangled photo based images of people lying flat (inspired by the popular planking meme of 2011).

Following an exchange semester in Edinburgh I left Budapest, relocated to Scotland and turned to computers and graphic design in 2014 with renewed interest. As of this time I started to develop my own creative, artistic and personal approach to design that I hope you may discover when looking at my portfolio. In 2016 once again I relocated and currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I since founded my freelance business here and started to work with local businesses.